Graffiti has always been prevalent in urban areas and it has now become more acceptable and even respected. 

Many buildings owners have commissioned graffiti artists and have given creative license on the exterior of their establishments.  

When the quality of the graffiti has been elevated above the vandalism style "tagging" it is viewed in a much different light.  


Although typically graffiti is brightly coloured and high contrast, I find the black and white murals just as amazing, the content of the mural becomes the focus when it is monochromatic.  

Hamilton is now slowly being recognized for some of the beauty that can be found around the city.  Many of the images within this post were taken within the downtown core. 

The city is reinventing itself into an art rich city and the graffiti around town is pulling its weight in the revitalized perception of Hamilton.


One of the more famous graffiti artist is the UK based Banksy.  The works of Banksy are typically void of bright colours and are thought provoking.  His Palestine wall "floating balloon girl" piece is simple and powerful

The simple message of the ellusive Banksy works are very clear.  His work can be seen all over the world and has some collectors paying upwards of $350,000.00 dollars to own a piece.  


Graffiti inspires many people, we count ourselves among this group.  The colour combinations are intended to have passerby notice and, as such, are dynamic and vibrant! We love colour, as we have said many times before, and graffiti rarely disappoints when it comes to colour combinations as the images below show.  Artists have a distinct ability to combine colours within their pieces to maximize the vibrancy.  This is something that as Designers we often do within our spaces.  Colour is such an important part of our design philosophy and provides impact and depth to the schemes that we curate for our clients 



Graffiti has altered many “canvases” that would otherwise be uninteresting and boring.  It can tell a story and express what is going on in the world.  The end result is an expression of an artist and their opinions or thoughts on current events.  Let us know your thoughts on graffiti, tag us on your social media accounts with graffiti that inspires you around your area.

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