For us the finishing touch to any room is artwork!  It plays such an important roll because it is a great opportunity to bring colour, texture and visual interest into a space.  

Artwork is not something that needs to match a colour scheme, we feel it should be the opposite in most cases.  Art that provides a bit of tension to the room is perfect.


The installation of the art is almost as important as the art itself...........almost!  There are a few key things to keep in mind when hanging artwork of any kind whether it is a canvas, traditionally framed, sculpture or object

  • Height 
  • Line of sight
  • Type of hanger used
  • Have the right tools

We called in the experts on this installation, as we typically do, and the overall process was a breeze.  The laser levels and hanging systems that Artstall brings with them makes hanging anything we can think of possible.  The large canvases are hung using D rings instead of  wire to ensure they stay level and secure.

We selected two vibrant modern canvas pieces for this otherwise transitional Dining Room.  The central entrance into the room allowed the opportunity to place one piece on either side of the room within the applied panel moulding.  From the hallway your eye is drawn into the room by the saturated large scale artwork.  For the height we opted to place the painting slightly lower than center to allow for a comfortable viewing angle when standing.


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