We feel that colour is the most important tool that we have in the design world.  Even with an entirely neutral envelope a room, home or building can be instantly changed with a pop of colour.


These buildings would a be a lot less interesting - dare we even say boring - if it were not for the saturated hits of colour!


These JuJu hats offer vibrant punches of colour and loads of texture into any space.  This is a perfect example of an item that can instantly add colour to a room without having to commit to painting your walls or invest in a colourful sofa


The variety of greens in this focal wall adds so much punch in this room that is otherwise neutral space designed by Matt Gibson Architect + Design


This nursery is a great example of how using small hits of colour can be so impactful.    With adding small pops of colour the bright airiness of  this nursery really shines through.  This nursery belongs to Joanna Venditti, a wonderful colleague of ours, who is a Designer, artist, blogger and amazingly a Mom of four.