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As Designers we strive to have the spaces we curate feel effortless, comfortable and reflective of our clients personal style.  The way we achieve this is by striking the perfect balance between scale, proportion, texture, colour and materials.  By mixing materials, finishes and shapes we combine a collection of pieces that are functional and beautiful.




Accent tables can and should be looked at as a sculptural element within a space.  This AXEL table that we recently found at Cocoon Furnishings while on a sourcing mission for a client fits that bill perfectly.  The lucite and glass elements would integrate perfectly into a modern aesthetic while the brass element also lends itself to a transitional environment as well.


We love this combination of tables and the mix of shapes, materials and metals and how easily this combination could fit into any number of spaces.  The geometric lines of all three tables allow them to feel harmonious together and the mixture of warm and cooler metals is a reflection of breaking the old rule of "never mix metals".  We love mixing metals as it allows for a more eclectic vibe throughout a home and the ability to combine old and new.  The volume of these three pieces are important in how they work - they strike a balance of visual weight that is a key factor in items working together to feel effortless.